We are very lucky to be able to offer swimming sessions for our children on a rotational basis which works out at around every two weeks when possible. We use the pool at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Corby (www.hicorby.com) which is much warmer and quieter than the main Corby pool. With a 1:2 ratio the children get the opportunity to gain confidence in the water and are able to develop their physical, emotional and social skills. It also helps to teach the children key water safety skills.

Swimming is not included in the hourly rate and is charged separately on the monthly invoice. The current charge for swimming is £2.50 per session. You will be required to sign a consent form should you wish your child to participate.


We are very lucky to have Hartbeeps visit us every other Wednesday afternoon at 2.00pm. Hartbeeps is a fun and interactive singing and storytelling session which uses state-of-the-art music technology, sound effects and nature escapes as a platform for theatrical and multi-sensory mini productions.

These sessions are specifically designed and tailored to our nursery and the children’s interests and provide a sensory experience for all ages.

Please click on the link to find out more www.hartbeeps.com

Hartbeep sessions are not included in the hourly rate and are charged separately on the monthly invoice. The current charge for Hartbeeps is £3.00 per session.


Only 500 yards from us is a beautiful county park full of nature and natural materials for the children to explore and investigate, and there is ample space for the children to run around in including a play area for all ages. We like the children to visit the park at least once a week and in the dry weather they like to take their lunch with them and spend much of the day playing in the woods or in the park.

Our daughter has been attending Mucky Pups Nursery since around May 2015 and has provided a safe and nurturing environment. We were very happy with the way she was settled in, the family feel was what we were looking for and they have been exceptional at taking on board the health issues she has which can be on a day to day basis needing medical intervention. This is obviously an appreciated undertaking by Mucky Pups allowing me to work worry free knowing that she is in good hands. The inclusion of other activities such as swimming, forest school, trips out and Hartbeeps adds to the work already in place to keep the children engaged. We have found Mucky Pups one of the only nursery's to be flexible in their approach to accommodating the hours you require , rather than set blocks of hours, and being fairly priced this ensures you pay for the time you need. Overall, a happy, safe and engaging environment which is paramount to any working parent.
When we made the decision to send our little lady to a nursery it felt like such a daunting choice however the team at Mucky Pups have made this the easiest move we could have ever made. From the get go their warm, welcoming and friendly attitudes have not only helped our little lady settle quickly (she is most definitely happy and engaged in her surroundings) but it has also been such a comfort in helping us to leave her in such a fabulous environment (she can't wait to go in the mornings). The facilities are well equipped, colourful and stimulating for her and the staff have been amazing in keeping us well informed about her daily activities and engagement in these. I cannot rate all of the team highly enough and am so grateful for everything you've done so far in helping her to grow, learn and play with the other children around her. I know she has only been there a few short weeks but I feel confident that this will be the best choice for her.
Mucky Pups is a fantastic nursery, I fell in love with it straight away! The staff are so friendly and go above & beyond for the children. The sleep room is away from the other rooms & each child has their allocated cot.. This was a big must for me as my daughter likes her afternoon naps. My daughter absolutely loves going Mucky Pups and adores her Key Worker Lyndsey, she has came on leaps & bounds since joining last month. Mucky pups has that personal touch that I've not seen in a nursery before. So nice going to working knowing she's there.